Bauxite Mine located 600 km NW of Riyadh / 220 km NE Buraidah Lat 22° 41
/ Lon 43• ° 55 / 600 AMSL / arid zone temp ranging 38 to 55• ° (winter10 & below) requires zero environmental pollution / conserving national resources / minimizing waste / function with safe behavior / culture / to execute the project to the scope without deviation.

  • Client

    Ma’aden Aluminum Company

  • Location

    600 km NW of Riyadh / 220 km NE Buraidah

  • Service Provided

    Mining and Transportation


Lithology calls to maintain a unique predetermined inpit Z level of 573 ( the contact of mineralized Pizzoletic Bauxite & Upper clay zone with hard siliceous caps to achieve a total dilution free mining of overburden as any silica contamination has a serious impact on Bauxite processing in Alumina Refinery. By deploying in house fleet of CAT D9/CAT966/CAT 980 / Volvo hauler / 1800 SPM breaker & using 50,000 trips of truck load operated by professional and experienced work force, SCMS accomplished a clean
/dilution free mining of 15,000,000 ton plus of UCZ over burden accomplishing the targeted scope in a double shift operation with zero environmental damage & 100% safety achievement, well within the given

10,000,000 tonnes of UCZ overburden up to Z 573 level & around 5,000,000 tons of Pizzolitic Bauxite to LCZ level was mined which was used for setting up the main crusher with a capacity of above 5 million tons of Bauxite / year to crush and to be railed to Aluminum refinery .

Simultaneously, Mine haul road with one way width of 13.5 meters to carry 250 ton mine fleet of 7 km length with 1.2 meters thick profile with cross falls by
1.5 m safety berm with CBR >85% of the full road profile was accomplished utilizing the in house capabilities.

Run off mine pad using 50,000 tons of waste material was construct to support the crusher feed.

Around 2 million tons of Mined Bauxite was crushed for ROM size to 70mm utilizing 2 x QJ341 mobile crusher on a double shift operation basis.


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